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How to create a new E-mail account


Log into your Client Admin Area (please refer to "How to access your 'Client Admin'")

Once you gain access to your Client Admin area you will see your admin home page. In the "Mail" section you will see an option titled, "Create Mail Account".
Navigation in Easy Admin

Click the link to "Create Mail Account"

(Note) This will pull up the list of current domain names that you have hosted with us (ex: ko-websites.com). You will want to click on the domain that you would like the email created for.

You will then be asked to input the name of the account you wish to create (this is what is to the left of the '@'. ex: info@).

Next you will put in the password that you would like to assign to the account being created.

(Note:The rest of the settings can be left as the default settings determined by the server.)

Click next at the bottom right of the screen

Configuring the Spam Filter options

The next screen you come to is where you will set up the SPAM filter options. The first check box is where you can turn the SPAM filter off and on. If the box is checked then it is turned on and uncheck is off.

The next box is where you determine what level E-mails are considered SPAM. SPAM is graded with a point system based on what is in the message. If you put in a high number then the server will flag less of your E-mail as SPAM. If you put a low number in here then more E-mail will be flagged as SPAM.

NOTE: You can set the SPAM filter to automatically delete any E-mails that are scored as SPAM by selecting the bottom check box. Be aware that this could cause E-mails that you want from known senders to also be deleted if the E-mail has a score higher than the score that you allow.

Next click the finish button and the E-mail account is now ready to be used.

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